Premium Customer Support FAQs

Premium Customer Support enables you to purchase premium customer support services for your upcoming car rental booking. By purchasing Premium Customer Support you are agreeing to these Terms.

Premium Customer Support entitles you to priority customer service. While we aim to consistently provide efficient and timely responses to all users, Premium Customer Support gives you access to a priority queue for a faster customer support experience. Priority will be given by our team to Premium Customer Support requests you submit via live chat or other included communication channels. Premium Customer Support also includes live agent assistance, if needed, for purchasing ancillary services and products post-booking. Additional services not expressly set out at the time of purchase will not be included.

Premium Customer Support can be accessed via the Manage Booking option of the booking portal.

Although Premium Customer Support may be purchased in conjunction with car rental, these Terms solely apply to Premium Customer Support. Further purchases of other product(s) or service(s), or third-party travel services, will be subject to the terms and conditions associated with these product(s) or service(s). Purchasing Premium Customer Support does not guarantee any other product or service or outcome with respect to such product or service.

While Premium Customer Support strives to provide a prioritised customer support experience and aims to answer customer queries within a targeted response time of 2 minutes, we acknowledge that there may be occasions where this objective cannot be met due to demand. However, we remain committed to addressing customer queries as efficiently as possible. Bookings are still subject to the terms and conditions of the underlying service originally purchased.

In order contact us, you will have access to an agent via the available channels that support Premium Customer Support at the time of purchase. This includes live chat. We do not guarantee any specific method of contact by an agent at any given time.

Premium Customer Support is valid for the open car rental booking for which Premium Customer Support was purchased and for any subsequent rebooks of that car rental booking.

If you have purchased Premium Customer Support, and are unhappy with the service provided or believe that the service was not provided as outlined in the website at the time of purchase, you may request a refund of the Premium Customer Support fee any time before your reservation has been completed. Refunds can be requested via live chat.  Once your booking has been completed, you will no longer be entitled to request a refund. Premium Customer Support will expire 48 hours after your Pickup Date. Refund of the Premium Customer Support is your sole remedy for any dissatisfaction of the service. Refunds of Premium Customer Support do not entitle you to a refund of any other associated product or underlying service associated with your car rental booking.

Once purchased, Premium Customer Support will be activated immediately and is non-refundable. If you cancel your car rental booking, the Premium Customer Support price will not be refunded.

Once you confirm your car rental booking, the Booking Terms and Conditions, including cancellation policy, and Car Rental Terms and Conditions apply. Please note that our free cancellation policy does not apply to Premium Customer Support. If you cancel your car rental booking, your non-refundable Premium Customer Support fee will be lost.

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