Insurance FAQs for AXA Premium

What if the Rental Company says that your AXA Premium Insurance Policy will not work on their car?

This is incorrect, your AXA Premium Insurance Policy will work with any car you have rented through our website as an add-on*.

*Insurance cover is subject to policy terms and conditions which can be accessed through the Manage Booking section of our website.

What is the Difference between the AXA Premium product and the Car Rental Company's policy?

If your rental car is damaged or stolen during your rental period you will be liable to pay an excess of up to €3,000 (Please see 'What is an excess' FAQ for more information on this).

AXA's Premium Insurance will then refund you for this amount. The policy also has a wide range of additional benefits including:

Cover for your Personal Belongings

Vehicle Key Cover

Roadside and Towing

Misfueling Cover

*Insurance cover is subject to policy terms and conditions which can be accessed through the Manage Booking section of our website.

The car rental insurance will vary depending on which supplier you use. Some of the products you may be offered are shown below:

Excess Reduction Policy

What does this mean? For an additional cost at pick-up, you will be liable to pay less of an excess in the event of an accident e.g. 50% reduction

Zero Excess

What does this mean? You will pay an additional cost for the supplier to forfeit their right to hold an excess amount on your credit card at the desk at pick-up.

*Please note: subject to terms & conditions of the individual insurance policy

What does My Excess Reimbursement (AXA Premium) Policy cover?

Premium Insurance

Refunds your excess if there's an accident so you don't need to buy insurance at the rental desk.

Refundable Excess

The excess is the maximum you can be charged by the car rental company for damage. AXA will refund the amount you are charged.

Broken Windscreen and Glass

Covers all glass parts of the car: windscreen, mirrors, windows and sunroof.

Breakdown Assistance

Covers towing and breakdown costs.

Roof and Undercarriage

Covers the roof and the parts underneath the body of the car.

Misfueling and Administration fees

Covers paperwork during the claim process and damage caused by filling the car with the wrong fuel.

Your Belongings and Keys

Covers loss or damage to personal possessions and damaged or lost keys.

Multi-lingual Claim Support

Claims may be submitted in any of the following languages: English, Deutsch, Dansk, Italiano, Português, Español, Polski, Français, Nederlands, Norsk, suomi and Svenska.

Third Party Protection (European)

Included as part of the Limited package. If you or any authorized driver cause an accident, the supplier covers injury or damage to property caused by your use of the car during the rental period. It doesn't cover your injuries or damage to the rental car.

Late Pick-up due to Flight Delay

Covers any extra charges for picking up your vehicle outside of the standard hours, due to an unscheduled flight delay.

Automatic Insurance Extension due to Delay

Extend the period of your insurance cover by a maximum of 24 hours if your travel plans are delayed for unforeseen circumstances.

Travel Expenses

Covers you for any extra travel expenses you may incur in the event your rental car becomes unusable during your trip.

Loss of Use

Covers any extra company charges that may occur if the company is unable to rent the vehicle due to damage.

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