When will I have to pay for the rental?

The majority of our bookings are prepaid, meaning you pay the rental cost when you make the booking. For prepaid reservations you will sometimes have the option to pay a small non-refundable deposit when booking, with the rest of the payment taken before pick-up. You can check when the remaining balance is due for your booking in the Price Summary when you log in on the Manage Booking page.

In some locations we also offer bookings where part of the payment is made to us and the rest is paid directly to the supplier at pick up, and some where the full payment is made at pick up.

Even if your rental cost is prepaid, some charges may be paid directly to the counter on arrival, but they will be included in your total rental cost. These could include one-way fees, young or senior driver fees or in some cases local taxes. More information about the payment specifics of your booking can be found in the Price Summary and on your voucher.

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