Can I change the dates or times of my booking?

You can change the pick-up or drop-off date and time by going to the Manage Booking section of our website. Use the 'Jump to' section and select 'Pick-up Location', use the 'Edit' option to change your dates or location. Changes are possible up to your pick-up time, but are subject to availability. Any major changes (pick-up time/date etc.) made to your booking within your specific cancellation period will be subject to an additional charge, please refer to your booking's cancellation period.

If you change the dates or times it is likely that the price will change as a new booking needs to be created in the rebooking process. Any payment you have already made will be transferred to the new booking and you will be either charged or refunded the difference.

As prices are live and subject to availability, prices may increase closer to your pick-up date.

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